Environmentally friendly graffitti removal wipes

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Amazing Super Wipes and Amazing Super Wipes Industrial


“Amazing Super Wipes”

Amazing Super Wipes are suitable for use in the household, professional offices, shopping centres, restaurants, day care centres, schools and almost any other area to remove permanent marker pen, crayons, highlighter pen, lead pencil, glue, correction fluid, ink, biro, scuff marks, lipstick and makeup, hair dye and paint drips from recently painted work. Amazing Super Wipes can be used on acrylic painted surfaces, stainless steel, painted brick, tiles and sealed stoneware without causing damage to the surface.

Amazing Super Wipes SDS

Product Code – GKASW350

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“Amazing Super Wipes Industrial”

Amazing Super Wipes – Industrial are suitable to remove tough grease and grime on engines, plant and equipment, tools, bench tops, garden equipment clean up, plastic, glass and tiles, stainless steel and Laminate.

Amazing Super Wipes Industrial SDS

Product Code – GKASW35

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