Environmentally friendly graffitti removal wipes

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Graffiti Remover Cleaning Product in One

Graffiti must be one of the most irritating types of vandalism in the world these days. Not only are teenagers just doing the odd road signs these days, but they are also starting to vandalise private homes, fences, gates, driveways, just for ‘fun’. Even though it is annoying, just be thankful that Graffiti-Enz has finally been invented! Graffiti-Enz will get rid of any graffiti, no matter how small or how big the damage is.

Graffiti-Enz has been tested and the outcome has been astonishing! It actually works! Don’t waste your time or money on cheap products that are guaranteed not to work! See real results when you use Graffiti-Enz!  The best thing about our products is that they are environmentally friendly!

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Remove Stubborn Grease & Grime With Grime-Enz Stainless Steel Cleaner

Grime-Enz is an innovative, environmentally friendly enzyme powered product used for the removal of grease and grime from all stainless steel surfaces including bench tops, barbecues, and council rubbish bins.

Grime-Enz is easy to apply by using a trigger spray bottle, spraying the surface evenly and leaving for 30 seconds. Activate by rubbing the surface with a cloth or a non-scratch pad. Then wipe off with a paper towel. You will be amazed with the streak-free polished finish.

The ingredients used in Grime-Enz are safe to use and it is a superior stainless steel cleaner, highly recommended for use in restaurants and hotels, shopping centers, commercial and office buildings as well as in the home.