Environmentally friendly graffitti removal wipes

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Graffiti-Enz Gold and Grime-Enz Stainless Steel Cleaner

“Graffiti-Enz Gold”


Ideal for removing most types of freshly applied graffiti from painted surfaces, stainless steel, unpainted bricks, tiles, marble, sealed stoneware and concrete.

Graffiti-Enz Gold SDS

Product Codes:
Trigger Bottle 750 ml – GEG750
Bottle 5L – GEG700
Drum 20L – GEG800
Drum 205L – GEG205

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“Grime-Enz Stainless Steel Cleaner”


Grime-Enz is used for the removal of grease and grime from all stainless steel surfaces including restaurants and hotels, commercial and office buildings, elevators and lift panels, art displays and sculptures. Perfect for cleaning stainless steel council garbage bins situated in parks, sports ovals and shopping malls. Also perfect for bench tops, barbecues, commercial kitchens, appliances and furniture.

Grime-Enz Stainless Steel Cleaner SDS

Product Codes:
Trigger Bottle 750ml – GESTC750
Bottle 5L – GESTC300

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