Environmentally friendly graffitti removal wipes

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Graffiti-Enz Graffiti Removal Super Wipes

Graffiti-Enz have developed a product that achieves results you never thought possible when trying to remove graffiti. Our wipes are able to remove a range of graffiti including spray can paint, permanent marker, crayon and glue from a variety of surfaces, all in a product that is non-flammable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic.

The secret to this powerful cleaning product manufactured by Graffiti-Enz is the enzyme technology that is used. This technology creates a highly effective cleaning solution, suitable for use on acrylic painted surfaces, perspex signs, powder coated surfaces, painted brick, tiles and glass.

Graffiti-Enz have a range of products to suit all types of graffiti-removal, including Heavy Duty Removal Wipes and Super Strength Remover available in 500mL, 5L and 20L bottles.

Graffiti-Enz have proven to be such an effective graffiti-removal tool that many cleaning companies including Queensland Rail (QR) use the product as their primary tool for removing graffiti. Other industries that use Graffiti-Enz products include schools, sign writers, local councils and contract cleaning organisations.

Graffiti-Enz products can ordered online from the new Graffiti-Enz ordering system or via phone on 61 0427 767 844