Environmentally friendly graffitti removal wipes

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Graffiti-Enz Red and Graffiti-Enz Super Wipes


 “Graffiti-Enz Super Wipes”

Graffiti-Enz Super Wipes combine the unique enzyme powered cleaning formula with heavy duty industrial wipes. Graffiti-Enz Super Wipes are competitive in price and above all safe to use. Should wipes dry out, turn canister upside down for 30 minutes to re-moisten the wipe.


Graffiti-Enz Super Wipes SDS

Product Code – GESW400

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“Graffiti-Enz Red”

Ideal for removing most types of freshly applied graffiti from acrylic painted surfaces, signs with vinyl lettering, stainless steel, painted brick, vinyl particle board, tiles, marble and sealed stoneware.aaa-trigger-red-picture2

Graffiti-Enz Red SDS

Product Code Trigger Bottle 450 ml – GERL500

Product Code Bottle 5L – GERL600

Product Code Drum 20L – GERL200

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