Environmentally friendly graffitti removal wipes

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  • Council helps small business tidy up graffiti!

    Small business owners in Brisbane can access support for graffiti prevention and removal with the launch of the Graffiti Small Business Assist program, a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government.

    Graffiti-Enz spray bottle and wipe products are used in the FREE DIY graffiti management toolkits and are a fast, effective and ...

  • Graffiti Cleaning Products Hard on Graffiti Soft on the Environment

    Remove Graffiti easily and safely with Graffiti-Enz range of domestic and commercial Graffiti Cleaning Products. A Brisbane company, Graffiti-Enz, tired of being on the losing side of the vandals, has developed a Graffiti Cleaning Product that is tough on Graffiti Spray Paint but delicate on underlying surfaces and the environment.

    I know the feeling of ...

  • Effective and Economical Graffiti Cleaner in Brisbane

    Is graffiti a problem in your neighborhood? Do you want to erase this graffiti immediately? Do you want to remove these eye sores without leaving any damage to the surfaces of walls or establishments? Fret no more, this article can help you discover the best graffiti cleaning products in Australia and greater Brisbane.

    Graffiti can ...

  • Graffiti Enz- Graffiti Remover at its Best

    Are you looking for a graffiti remover that won’t let you down? Graffiti-Enz is the toughest graffiti remover on the market making it the optimum choice for everyone! Graffiti-Enz will make your surface look as it did beforehand!

    There are a lot of dud graffiti removers out there at the moment and most guarantee results, but ...

  • Graffiti Remover Cleaning Product in One

    Graffiti must be one of the most irritating types of vandalism in the world these days. Not only are teenagers just doing the odd road signs these days, but they are also starting to vandalise private homes, fences, gates, driveways, just for ‘fun’. Even though it is annoying, just be thankful that Graffiti-Enz has finally ...

  • Graffiti Enz The Best Brisbane Non Toxic Specialist Graffiti Removal Product

    Don’t paint graffiti out wipe it out using OneBioSci Pty Ltd Graffiti-Enz products. Graffiti-Enz are the leading Brisbane firm in biodegradable non toxic graffiti removal. Graffiti-Enz is fast acting in graffiti removal of any felt pen graffiti from glass, painted brick, aluminium and plastics leaving you with a clean surface.



  • Graffiti Removal from steel surfaces

    Clean up and remove graffiti from your Colourbond fence, garage door, aluminum or any steel surface with products by Graffiti-Enz.

    Steel fences and stainless steel surfaces are resistant and non absorbent, which means these surfaces do not need high pressure or powerful toxic graffiti cleaners to remove graffiti because paint will not soak into the steel. ...

  • Councils Now Using Graffiti -Enz To Clean Up Graffiti Problems

    Brisbane City Council, Gold Coast City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council are now handing out FREE DIY graffiti community clean up kits as a fast, effective and environmentally friendly graffiti removal solution.

    This is all part of keeping Brisbane City and regional cities graffiti free. We all know graffiti or ‘tagging’ is an ongoing problem ...

  • Remove Stubborn Grease & Grime With Grime-Enz Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Grime-Enz is an innovative, environmentally friendly enzyme powered product used for the removal of grease and grime from all stainless steel surfaces including bench tops, barbecues, and council rubbish bins.

    Grime-Enz is easy to apply by using a trigger spray bottle, spraying the surface evenly and leaving for 30 seconds. Activate by rubbing the surface with ...

  • Graffiti Removal Made Easy With Graffiti Enz

    Graffiti-Enz has a range of exciting new graffiti removal products. Graffiti-Enz is Australian owned and manufactures its products in Australia. Graffiti-Enz products work better than other commercially available graffiti removal products when removing freshly applied graffiti and are available in trigger spray bottles, 5 and 20 litre bottles and 205 litre drums. Graffiti-Enz is also ...